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Amazon Dash Button: Version 2

MacroFab, MacroFab, MacroFab...

It has been a while but I just couldn't just watch as people hacked their Amazon Dashes without a cute little debugging board.

I have had these since May of 2015... kind of. The first version I have had since May 2015. The second version, pictured above, I have had since early 2016. Both of the versions were done through MacroFab. I liked MacroFab when I did the first board but I love MacroFab after I did my second board. It kept track of the versioning, changes, and makes it feel like I am going through the various stages of product denial development.

The fact that I took so long to actually try these was a blessing in disguise. By the time I got around to testing the debuggers there was already a Amazon Dash Version 2. The first version was nice but had a Broadcom chip which made it a little less bit twiddler friendly. When I saw the second version teardown and spotted a glimpse of the familiar Atmel logo. I knew I had to buy a few hundred.

I gra…